Thursday, April 26, 2012

Play Room Inspiration

I still have a few things left to do in the laundry room, but ofcourse i'm already thinking of my next project; the toy room. The toy room has gone through MANY changes in the 7 years we have been in this house.
It started as the "Yankee room". ie the room that I allowed my husband to hang all of his sports things in! It was a dark navy blue color and had a black desk and shelves in it.
Then it became a guest room/office.
Then it became a play room.
Then it became an "art room". I had paint brushes and paint handy for the girls, as well as an art table and chairs for them to create their masterpieces. This is where things got really messy and the carpet became destroyed (imagine blobs of paint ALL. over. the. carpet!)
Then it went back to a play room.
Now I want to make it a den/study space.
Here is my inspiration:

I want to incorporate this PBT rug (the carpet is SO bad that it needs to be covered and eventually ripped out!!):

I love this bean bag chair, without the pink lettering:

Ofcourse, we need more shelving:

EXPEDIT Shelving unit IKEA Can be hung on the wall or placed on the floor.

I'm thinking of this to put a nice TV on. That way all of their Wii things can be kept in here too:

LACK Coffee table IKEA Separate shelf for storing magazines, etc. Keeps your things organized and the table top clear.

LACK Side table IKEA The high-gloss surfaces reflect light and give a vibrant look. Easy to assemble. Low weight; easy to move.

Geez, i'm tired already!!

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