Monday, March 5, 2012

Window Shade update

My master bedroom has been through many changes as you can see here.

One thing ALWAYS bothered me about it though. My wimpy balloon vallances. I don't have a great picture of them but you can see one of them here:

I decided to fix that this weekend, and I did the same thing that I did to update my kitchen shades.

I chose fabric that I liked (drapes from TARGET):

I cut the fabric to size and used some fabric glue to just glue the fabric along the sides of the original shade (I put cans along the edges until it was good and dry):

I am liking the new more updated look and now I really need to replace the small black bedside table on my husband's side, with one like the IKEA table on my side:

(the bolster pillow on the bed is cream, not yellow....... my camera stinks!!)


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  1. Love this fabric-the shades look great! Following you from TDC-stop by for a visit!