Friday, February 24, 2012

Bathroom Mirror

My bathroom is ok, nothing special.

There are 2 projects I want to get done in there:
Frame the bathroom mirror
Put up shelves

I am not sure how I want to do the mirror though. I have seen a few options online:

Using moulding to create 3 seperate mirrors~

Using frames to create a "mirror on mirror" look~

Pinned Image

Framing out the mirror~

Pinned Image

the mirror on mirror looks pretty easy and would require no cutting, caulking etc. That might be the one...... :)

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  1. Ah for a moment I thought the first and second were your bathroom, hahaha. I was about to say "what do you mean nothing special!!" Their gorgeous. Definitely go for the fancy!! Good luck in remodeling.

    -Irwin Zinkin