Monday, December 5, 2011

$2 Frames

Wow, I come up with some really original blog titles! LOL

So, I was at my fave store again (Habitat for Humanity) and came across these ugly as all get-out chunky frames:

 (There were 2 of them!!)

I bought them for $2 each and took them home.

I decided to (obviously) remove the artwork:

Then I gave them a coat of spray paint. During this process I realized that the frames are not wood (I was fooled!), but some odd unknown material. So, the paint didn't go on super smoothly...... but I actually like the distressed look it gave them:

 They are perfect for this blank piece of wall in my house and I see them when I come out of my room; my bedroom door is to the right of the mirror.

Total cost: $2!!


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