Monday, October 3, 2011

Halloween Wreaths

Last year I made these Halloween wreaths for the front door out of a vine wreath and some dollar store stuff:

The signs that were in the middle of the wreaths were made of styrofoam and weren't in good condition to reuse this year. So I went back to the dollar store for something else.

I found mini "head stones" and used those instead. I kept the same wreath (spray painted silver):

I also added some black flowers - also from the Dollar Store and hung it up!

I made 2 of them and now I see the ribbons going across them are not symetrical!! That will drive me crazy ~ must fix:) But you get the idea......

That sad pumpkin down there got a makeover too...... i'll post that soon!

320 Sycamore


  1. Your wreaths look so great! Don't you love that the dollar store has fun Halloween stuff?!I made a wreath similar to yours and have used a lot of dollar store finds in my Halloween it:)

  2. What a spooky wreath! I got one of the signs from the $ Tree this year to use for our spooky mantel downstairs. So much fun~thank you for sharing with us :)