Tuesday, August 9, 2011


So, I ran into TARGET on my lunch hour to buy a gift bag and birthday card for a party a few days ago. I didn't bother grabbing a basket or cart because it would only take me a second to pick up my things and I could just carry them in my hand, right?
On my way to the cards I saw a sign in the Home Decor section....... 75% off. I should just browse; after all I DO have a whole hour to spare. I quickly began hyperventilating. I set my drink down because I needed both hands to snatch up my finds. Both hands weren't enough!! I need a cart!!
I grabbed a cart that had some stuff in it but there was no one around, so I took it..... Then I heard a woman yell after me "Stop, I think that's my cart!" I calmly gave her the cart back and found another one (embarassing!!).
I loaded it up with the most amazing things.

These gorgeous glass containers (meant for candles) $4.98 (regularly $19.99) ~

I got 2 of them, and went back the next day for more but they were all gone:(

This beauty $9.98 (regularly $39.99) ~

And this one $14.98 (regularly $59.99) ~

Large drum lamp shades with navy trim $4.98 (regularly $19.99). I got 2! ~

I love everything and I love getting such great deals!!!
I must appologize to TARGET because I never did go back to get my drink from whatever shelf I put it down on..... I totally lost my mind in all the excitement:)

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