Friday, August 5, 2011

Laundry Room Spruce Up

I am going to show an embarassing photo......

This is my laundry room:

I know what you're thinking - do your laundry!! It's pretty boring!

It's also SMALL. It's really just a "pass-thru" to the garage. It has the washer and drier on 1 side and a blank wall on the other side. I have a few projects I want to do in here:

1. Cover up the ugly white box that houses the wiring for the alarm system.
2. Add some color.
3. Paint the door (black maybe??!?!)
4. Storage baskets for lightbulbs and batteries..... random things I keep in here:0
5. Hang the ironing board so it is out of the way and is not just leaning against it's current "hanging spot":

(I don't like this thing! It is hard to get the iron onto it and it is No offense to anyone that likes theirs!!!! And see the ugly white box??)

So far i've hung some colorful "art". I had some embroidery hoops lying around and some scraps of fabric...... so, bing bang! Free Art!

Lots more to do...... !!

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