Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School ~ 2nd Grade

It's amazing to think that my girls are now second graders!

Today was the frst day of school and we started off with a yummy breakfast:

And the traditional pictures infront of the house:

And outside of the classroom:

And at their desks:

OK, I eventually had to leave the class & let them get down to second grade business!

Then took a little trip down memory lane and past first days of school:(


Pre-School (3 yrs. old)~

Pre-School (2 yrs. old)~

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wreath Tweaking

I made this "spring wreath" one night just for fun:

Since spring is gone and i'm a little bored with the wreath now, I decided to tweak it. It's too early for a Fall wreath so why not a back-to-school wreath?!

I used only things I had lying around so it cost me $0.

Here she is:


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Eye Chart Art

I have been loving the use of "eye chart art" that i've seen around blog world.

Here are some examples:

Eye Chart Poster, 8x10 Print, Life Is A Story Problem, Neutral, Geekery, Math, Back To School, School

Courtesy: ETSY

I decided to make my own and see how it would turn out.....

I just played around with a word document until I got it to look right!

I need to get a bigger frame so you can read the bottom better. But I think it looks great on my family room photo ledge with my "Love you Forever" art:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chore Chart

I have tried different methods of the "reward system" for my girls. Currently we use marble jars, as I posted about here.

Since the girls are starting second grade in a couple of weeks, I started thinking about chores and allowances. They do things to help around the house, like make their beds and help set the table, and I thought this may be a good age to start teaching them about money too.

I made a chore chart to hang in the laundry room and as an added bonus, it covers the ugly white fuse box for our alarm!

I just printed out the chore charts I created myself and put them into a large frame that I already had.

They can check of the chores as they complete them (with a white board marker) and it will all wipe clean at the end of the week!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


So, I ran into TARGET on my lunch hour to buy a gift bag and birthday card for a party a few days ago. I didn't bother grabbing a basket or cart because it would only take me a second to pick up my things and I could just carry them in my hand, right?
On my way to the cards I saw a sign in the Home Decor section....... 75% off. I should just browse; after all I DO have a whole hour to spare. I quickly began hyperventilating. I set my drink down because I needed both hands to snatch up my finds. Both hands weren't enough!! I need a cart!!
I grabbed a cart that had some stuff in it but there was no one around, so I took it..... Then I heard a woman yell after me "Stop, I think that's my cart!" I calmly gave her the cart back and found another one (embarassing!!).
I loaded it up with the most amazing things.

These gorgeous glass containers (meant for candles) $4.98 (regularly $19.99) ~

I got 2 of them, and went back the next day for more but they were all gone:(

This beauty $9.98 (regularly $39.99) ~

And this one $14.98 (regularly $59.99) ~

Large drum lamp shades with navy trim $4.98 (regularly $19.99). I got 2! ~

I love everything and I love getting such great deals!!!
I must appologize to TARGET because I never did go back to get my drink from whatever shelf I put it down on..... I totally lost my mind in all the excitement:)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Mommy and the Peanut

Just me and my goofy girl.....

Friday, August 5, 2011

Laundry Room Spruce Up

I am going to show an embarassing photo......

This is my laundry room:

I know what you're thinking - do your laundry!! It's pretty boring!

It's also SMALL. It's really just a "pass-thru" to the garage. It has the washer and drier on 1 side and a blank wall on the other side. I have a few projects I want to do in here:

1. Cover up the ugly white box that houses the wiring for the alarm system.
2. Add some color.
3. Paint the door (black maybe??!?!)
4. Storage baskets for lightbulbs and batteries..... random things I keep in here:0
5. Hang the ironing board so it is out of the way and is not just leaning against it's current "hanging spot":

(I don't like this thing! It is hard to get the iron onto it and it is No offense to anyone that likes theirs!!!! And see the ugly white box??)

So far i've hung some colorful "art". I had some embroidery hoops lying around and some scraps of fabric...... so, bing bang! Free Art!

Lots more to do...... !!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Selena Gomez

We took the girls to their first concert this weekend ~ July 31st.
We went to see Selena Gomez and had the BEST time!! The girls love her and they looked adorable in their homemade t-shirts:

I may or may not have embarassed my children when I heard a Justin Bieber song........