Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thrifted Chandy

One of the projects i've wanted to tackle, is new lighting for both Mia and Olivia's room. While looking around my new favorite place ever, the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, I saw this:

She had a great shape, was the perfect size and I knew she was exactly what I wanted....... and she was $12!!

I cleaned her off and gave her 2 coats of a glossy white spray paint:

I wasn't sure if it was safe to paint the cord, so I left that alone and decided to cover it with a fabric cord cover. I have bought those covers before and they look pretty simple; why not make my own and save the money?

I took fabric I already had and folded it in half long-ways. Then I glued all the way down and turned it inside out creating a "tube":

I hung the whole thing up and it (thankfully) worked!

Add some cute lamp shades from Ebay and it's all done:

Chandy ~ $12
Shades ~ $20
Spray paint ~ $4
Fabric ~ free
Total cost: $36

Keeping It Simple


  1. That looks great. Its amazing what paint can do. I have three chandys that I bought at goodwill waiting for makeovers. I'll get to them sooner or yours!!

  2. Oh, i just LOVE that!! Great job!! I just found out we have one of those stores around here . . . I will have to go and check it out!! Sooo cute!!

  3. Love it! I just repainted my first chandy, too! So fun!!

  4. Wow - that turned out amazing! It's so cute!


  5. Beautiful. I would have loved to have this as a little girl. <3

  6. How adorable! What a pretty room for a girl (I have 3 boys) - lucky her! Great job with the chandy! I found you through MM - I hope you'll stop by and visit my blog sometime too! I'm your newest follower ;)


  7. This is just darling! The pink shades are perfect with the other decor in the room. (love that framed wreath in the background)

  8. This turned out so beautiful! What a fun room - love the paper flowers hanging from the ceiling! Thanks for sharing