Sunday, April 3, 2011

Olivia's Room

One of my favorite rooms in the house is my daughter Olivia's room. It has been through MANY stages though!

1st ~ Red Play room:

2nd ~ Red Guest room: luckily I have no pictures of this stage..... it was not pretty.

3rd ~ Calmer Guest room:

About a year ago, we decided to seperate the girls into their own rooms. They were getting older and there was little need for a guest room that gets used 2-3 times a year. So the room had another (and hopefully, final) transformation.......

4th ~ Olivia's Bedroom:

(tree drawn by my mom)

Running With Glitter


  1. I love the tree . . . the birdhouses were a great idea! :)

  2. What a cute room! Love the tree!!

    BTW your girls are adorable as well. Bet you are a proud mama! :)

  3. Very Pretty room! I love the tree and the poms above the bed!