Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No Art Artwork

When it comes to hanging "artwork" around the house, I prefer "non-art". I like to put up things that make me happy; like pictures of my girls' hands:

Notes that they've written me:
(this is a leaf that one of my girls wrote on and gave me. it says "I love you mom and dad")

So when I had another scrap of wood lying around, I decided to let Olivia write on it. I painted it first:

Then let her do her thing:

I love it!

And the best part is the back:

Much better than any picture or sign I could buy at IKEA!

Running With Glitter

My Backyard Eden

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  1. What a cute family sign your daughter painted! I'm with you...I'd take the homemade stuff anyday over the store bought!