Thursday, April 7, 2011

Memo Board

In Olivia's room I needed to find a way for her to organize her hair supplies and give her a place to put pictures and art work. She is very creative and likes to put up her drawings.

I hung a really cute shelf with hooks. Then I put her "things" in buckets and simply hung them from the hooks:

On another wall I made a memo board. I had 2 artists canvases that I wasn't using anymore (you can see the previous fabric that was on them in the pictures below; I didn't bother to remove it before stapling on the new one!), so I attached them to eachother:

Then I covered the whole thing with batting and fabric, stapling it all to the back.
The last step was stapling ribbon going vertically and horizontally so she could clip anything she wants to the board:

It's huge! She loves it and it fills up the wall nicely.


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