Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Egg Tree

One of my favorite Easter traditions was always making an Easter egg tree with my grandmother. Now, I make them with my girls!

First we got some sticks from our front yard and spray painted them white. While they dried, we painted our eggs. I poke 2 holes in the eggs; 1 pretty big hole and one smaller one (on either end), and then let the yolk ooze out. This leaves me with just the shells:

Then I set out the dye and let the girls do their thing and dye all of the eggs:

Once the sticks were dry, we put them in a glass container with some rocks to keep them in place:

After the eggs were dry, I took twine and hot glued it to the eggs so that we could hang them from the branches!

So cute!
Nana Dora would love it!

My Backyard Eden


  1. It looks adorable! I used to love doing that with my girls.

  2. LOVE it!! We may do that this Easter!! :) Thanks for the idea! ;)