Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Family Sign

I had a few pieces of scrap wood and didn't want to throw them out so I decided to turn one into a family sign. I've seen so many of them on other blogs but never thought I could make one because I don't have a "Cricut".

I got creative and here's what I did......

I laid out my scrap of wood:

Painted it; Laid out my lettering (just printed it off my computer in a really large font):

Laid my lettering ontop of the painted wood, with transfer paper in between:

 Then I traced each letter out onto the wood:

(I won't lie, this step was a pain in the neck but only took about an hour.)

Finally, I painted the letters in:

Beyond The Picket Fence

Thrilling Thursday at Paisley Passions



The DIY Show Off

Running With Glitter

My Backyard Eden


  1. Looks great! I am starting to make signs like that, too!! (I am on the hunt for old barn wood to make mine ~ kind of hard to find in Chicago) Yours looks great over your door, :)

  2. This came out great! You made it look so easy, too. I might have to try this (I don't have a cricut, either) ~Lori

  3. Fabulous...I wanna try this, but just haven't found the time. TFS