Monday, March 14, 2011

Family Room ReDo

Our family room has been through many stages. When we first moved in, it just had all of our old furniture and was decorated in pretty dark colors..... olive green couches, dark red drapes and "tuscan" artwork on the walls:
(Please excuse these pictures. They were all taken PB - pre blog)

My cute grandma!

Then, I decided to get rid of the couches and just make it a play room for the girls:

Then, I wanted my family room back. So, I bought a new couch in a "fun" color. Red. I hated it almost immediately! It wasn't very comfortable and it was hard to decorate around the red. Plus, there were still toys everywhere:

Finally, I got the couch I always wanted - white -  and repainted the walls a lighter color. Added some new artwork and I finally LOVE it!!!



My Backyard Eden


Running With Glitter


  1. It looks fabulous, love the couch!

  2. It looks great! Is the couch from Ikea?

  3. Yes. It's from IKEA. I was worried about the comfort but so many people in blog-land have this couch and i asked them all so many questions about it, that i felt confident buying it. I love!

  4. It's beautiful, Melissa! If it was just 'the kids' I'd be able to get white but with my husband, there is just now way! I have no idea how his hands get so dirty but our white trim and doors are covered in fingerprints...I know I'd have to wash that slip cover every day! I love it though and your living room looks gorgeous! Great job!


  5. What a great re-do! It seems like most of us go through stages and have to try out a few before we find the ideal one. Great taste, and I love the rug! Just became your newest follower!

  6. That looks so nice. :) I love the rug and the white couch. :)

  7. Love it! So calm and airy now. It looks like a great place to hang out and relax.

  8. I love the new feel and look to the room! Where did you bit the rug? I love it!

  9. The rug is from Overstock - it'a an "outdoor rug"..... that's ALL I buy around here! It can take a beating and cleans up amazingly well.