Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dishtowel Art

It's official; I will use anything as art.

I've used the kid's drawings, leaves, scrapbook paper and now dish towels.

I had this spot on either side of the TV in the living room that looked really bare. I wasn't sure what to put there but I decided that I wanted something inexpensive (what else is new).

While browsing on ETSY, I came across these hand towels and thought they were cool. "Could they work as art??" hmmmmm.

All You Need Is Love Flour Sack Towel Set

I took 2 of these:

Wrapped each with one of the dish towels and stapled to the back, and ended up with 2 of these:

Not too bad!!!


So...... can you use hand towels as art?? Why, yes you can!!

The DIY Show Off



Running With Glitter

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  1. Very creative!