Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cleaning - a little at a time

One of my favorite blogs is ~ House of Grace. Bonnie is doing an "organize your life" series & this week she is talking about cleaning schedules. Bonnie is amazing and her blog has simplified my cleaning SO much. She is the reason I now use Shaklee cleaning products and they are!

So, here is my cleaning schedule (basically do a little every day so the house doesn't implode!)

Things I do every day:

*Make the beds
*Do the dishes
*Wipe down kitchen counters
*Wipe down bathroom counters
*Pick up & put things where they belong (toys, clothes, books..... everything)

Here is a little Martha Checklist, just for fun!

Things I do every Sunday:

*Change all bedding
*Scrub toilets
*Go through kids school paperwork and toss/file as needed
*Wipe down all mirrors/sliding glass doors

Here's another Martha Checklist, just for fun!

Things I do every 2 weeks or so when it starts getting gross:

*Deep clean bathroom showers - scrub tile etc.

I use very few cleaning supplies. The most important and my absolute favorites are Shaklee Basic H and Shaklee Scour Off:

I use the Basic H on all my counter tops and mirrors. Infact, I keep bottles of it under the sink in both bathrooms as well as the kitchen. It is the BEST. You put a teaspoon and a half into the spray bottle with water and that's it. This stuff is super concentrated and a little goes a long way.
 I use the scour off on my stove top almost daily and also to scrub my sink, stove and microwave.

Go check out Bonnie's site and read more about the products...... she has tons of information on how it works and how cost effective it is.
HaPpY cLeAnInG!!!

Join the fun!

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  1. Great post! Thanks for linking up and I am glad that you love your Shaklee! WooHoo! Have a great day!
    Bonnie :)