Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First Resolution Down

I've completed the first project on my "projects ~ 2011" list.
Adding a storage shelf to Olivia's closet. It was pretty easy (and inexpensive)  and it has motivated me to keep it up and get my list completed.

(1) 1x2
(1) piece of plywood, cut to size
paint and paint roller

Here is the sad closet before:

I installed the 1x2 along the back of the closet and 2 smaller pieces on the sides:

Then I simply laid the piece of wood ontop! SO easy:


(I'm not sure why it looks crooked! I promise, it's not)

I learned an important lesson ~ paint the under side of the shelf. Why didn't I do that? I don't know why I thought no one would see the bottom because I was obviously wrong - oops! I'll get to that........ in the meantime, I am crossing this project off my list:)

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