Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas shopping ~ Girls

One of these years I will have my Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving. This year i'm actually doing pretty good! The girls both made Christmas lists on the computer and i've been buying things as they go on sale; here are the one's i've bought so far (2 of each of course!):

Princess pogo stick - on sale at TARGET now for $18!

Fur Real dog
 Ice skates
 Lalaloopsy dolls - on sale at TARGET now for $19
 Junie B. Jones boxed set of books #1 and #2 - these are GREAT books for little girls. My 6 year olds love them and it encourages them to read, but I like to read the books with them because Junie B. has a little bit of an attitude and I like to explain as we go that sometimes it's not ok to act like her!

I'm definitely not done, but I feel like i'm off to a pretty good start.

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  1. Oh yes! We have the Junie B. books and Lala dolls are on our list this year as well! (came over from clover lane...)