Thursday, October 14, 2010

Date with Mommy and Daddy

Having twins is so much fun..... it is amazing to watch them grow up and witness their bond. They have always had eachother to play with and are the best of friends.

I have always tried to make everything "equal". The same number of Christmas gifts, the same amout of foon on their plate, the same number of ice cubes in their cups (seriously!), etc. As they get older, though, it is a bit more difficult to make sure they both feel the same amount of attention and love. We have always talked about spending "alone" time with each of the girls so they could bond with us as parents one-on-one and also to create independence from eachother and be ok with not doing every single thing together. We have always said that, but have NEVER done it! So...... we decided it was time.

I took Olivia to the zoo (her choice) while Rich took Mia to the movies (her choice). We had such a great time doing this and the girls have been talking about how much fun they had on their special "dates" non-stop. We are going to switch and do it again soon! Here are some pictures of me and Peanut at the zoo ~

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